Everything´s Under Control


A film about surveillance, big data and privacy


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Theatrical premiere: Vienna 25 Dec. 2015 

TV-premiere: Feb 8th 2017, Primetime  on ORF I

90 minutes, 2015


"Everything´s Under Control" is an evocative film about the self-evidence of surveillance.

Facebook, Amazon and Google provide us with around the clock access to the convinient digital world! Surveillance cameras on the streets take care of our security. But who actually collects our fingerprints, iris scans, online shopping preferences, and social media posting? Don´t we care about our privacy anymore?

In his unique charming and curious way filmmaker Werner Boote travels around the world to explore the "brave new world" of total control.


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USA, UK, China, India, Hongkong, Austria, Cuba

Read more about filming "Alles unter Kontrolle" (german)



Jacob AppelbaumEmma CarrSir David OmandSteve Wright, Bruce Schneier,

Mikko HypponenEric PanZygmunt BaumanHarper ReedBELO and many more 

Find out more on "Alles unter Kontrolle" - Protagonisten (german)


Watch on YouTube:

TRAILER (german)

Teaser-Trailer (german)

part of the film: "Interview Jacob Appelbaum"

part of the film: "Interview Bruce Schneier"


movies/de/Alles unter Kontrolle/AUK_FeldstecherNSA.jpeg 

Werner Boote observing the employees of the NSA in Bluffdale, Utah



We know who you are:




movies/de/Alles unter Kontrolle/AUK_Kuba_PresidioModelo.jpeg

Werner Boote at the Presidio Modelo in Cuba 


 The original language of the film is english.

You can find the film in three versions:

1. english language

2. german language (ALLES UNTER KONTROLLE)

3. english with german subtitles.


Please notice that there is more information on ALLES UNTER KONTROLLE (german)

Watch the films website ALLES UNTER KONTROLLE (german)



movies/de/Alles unter Kontrolle/AUK_Appelbaum.jpeg 

Hacker Jacob Appelbaum at the Elevate Festival in Graz


movies/de/Alles unter Kontrolle/AUK_Belo.jpeg

Rapper BELO of DO OR DIE with Werner Boote in East Garfield Park, Chicago


movies/de/Alles unter Kontrolle/AUK_Bauman.jpeg

Philosopher and sociaologist Zygmunt Bauman in Leeds, UK


movies/de/Alles unter Kontrolle/AUK_Glaskobel_Chicago.jpg

Being transparent at the Willis Tower and everywhere


movies/de/Alles unter Kontrolle/AUK_Emma_Carr.jpeg

 Werner Boote and Emma Carr, director of Big Brother Watch at the Sherlock Holmes Pub


movies/de/Alles unter Kontrolle/AUK_Aadhaar_Indien.jpeg

Aadhaar Project: Over 700 million people in India already gave their biometric data to the government. 


movies/de/Alles unter Kontrolle/AUK_Cobra_Autofahrt.jpeg

Werner Boote driving the legendary AC Cobra from 1968.


movies/de/Alles unter Kontrolle/AUK_Harper_Reed.jpeg

Harper Reed, former CTO of Barack Obama for America and Threadless, in his office in Chicago. 


movies/de/Alles unter Kontrolle/AUK_Omand.jpeg

Sir David Omand, former director of GCHQ and Werner Boote (left) in the Reform Club, London


movies/de/Alles unter Kontrolle/AUK_BruceSchneier.jpeg 

 Bruce Schneier, cryptographer and computer security and privacy specialist


movies/de/Alles unter Kontrolle/AUK_Animation_Elevate.jpeg

Animations in the film are made by Ralf Ricker 


movies/de/Alles unter Kontrolle/AUK_Animation_Aktivist.jpeg

The Austrian Ministry of the Interior classified filmmaker Werner Boote as "ACTIVIST".   


The film crew:  


movies/de/Alles unter Kontrolle/AUK_Shenzhen_Teamfoto.jpeg

crewphoto "Alles unter Kontrolle" in Shenzhen, China

left to right: Andreas Hamza (sound), Michael Meisterhofer (line producer), Mario Cobretti (director of photography), Werner Boote, Isabel Wolte (location manager), Dominik Spritzendorfer (director of photography) and Mehmood Sam (location scout) 

Please find the complete credits here: Stabliste


written and directed by: Werner Boote

photography by: Dominik Spritzendorfer and Mario "Cobra Cobretti"Hötschl

edited by: Gernot Grassl and Emily Artmann

original score by: Marcus Nigsch

sound: Andreas Hamza

sound editing: Tom Pötz

assistant director: Myriam Loukili

recherche: Markus Ziizenbacher, Isabel Wolte

animation: Ralf Ricker

colour correction: Christian Leiss

assistant of the producer: Daniela Patz

production coordination: Barbara Kern, Katharina Posch, Flavio Marchetti

public relations: Silvia Burner

line producer: Michael Meisterhofer

producer: Markus Glaser

produced by: Markus Glaser, Nikolaus Geyrhalter, Wolfgang Widerhofer and Michael Kitzberger 

NGF - Nikolaus Geyrhalter Filmproduktion GmbH

supported by: Österreichisches FilminstitutORF Film/FernsehabkommenFilmfonds Wien and Filmstandort Austria

© 2015 NGF Geyrhalter Filmproduktion



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