Andrea Bocelli - Cieli di Toscana


Werner Boote presents the person behind "the most beautiful voice of the world".


A film with Andrea BocelliGerard DepardieuBono (U2) and many others.


This EPK shows Andrea Bocelli during the work for the CD Tuskan Skies as well as many others worling on it in the soundstudios of Bologna und Monaco.



Andrea Bocelli and Werner Boote during shooting




During a break on Andrea´s yacht. 





directed by: Werner Boote
written by: Werner Boote and Matthew Ryan
camera: Rutger Storm
sound: Chris Everts
edited by: Michael Horvers
visual effects: Valkieser
produced by: Mark Stekelenburg
production company: Wonderlandfilm
client: Elselinda Schouten, Monique Ophorst
cast: Andrea Bocelli, Gerard DepardieuBono (U2) and many others






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