Werner Boote made many award-winning corporate image films. If you want to know more, please visit the section "Others".

The film "Gong" was the official opening of the MuseumsQuartier Vienna.


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"Slberner Saturn", Linz 2000

"Dolphin Bronze" Deauville 2000

„Bronze Worldmedal”New York Festival 2002

"Erster Preis" bei den 20. Deutschen Wirtschaftsfilmtagen 2002

"1. Preis" bei den 20. Deutschsprachigen Wirtschafts-Filmtagen, Kategorie: "Gesellschaft" 2002

"Film and Video Award" New York 2002

"Award of Master" beim Corporate Media Filmfestival München 2002

Österreichischer Staatspreis für Wirtschaftsfilm 2002




written and directed by: Werner Boote
photography by: Thomas Kirschner
costumes by: Christoph Pirkner
make-up: Susanne Dvorak
original score by: Pulsinger&Tunakan
edited by: Tom Pohanka
visual effects: k-effects
client: MuseumsQuartier Errichtungsgesellschaft
produced by: Andrea Ebhardt
production company: Creativ Video

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