Parsifal, Indiana Jones and Richard Wagner

In a gripping search to uncover the legendary Grail in Spain, Werner Boote may have found the true Holy Grail. An adventure story that seems to be taken from Indiana Jones translates the fascination of the «Parsifal» opera into film.


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Year: 2004
Run-Time: 1 x 59 min.
Directed by Werner Boote
A co-production of ORF and Neue Sentimental Film
Languages: German (ORIGINAL) , English (DUBBED)
Format: 16:9 , 16:9


'Parsifal - Indiana Jones and Richard Wagner' was shot on the occasion of the new production of 'Parsifal' at the Vienna State Opera in April 2004, and led director Werner Boote this time to Spain, where he sought the real Holy Grail. 



movies/de/Parsifal/parsifal03.jpg (Parsifal_Titelfoto)

Michael Hesemann and Werner Boote 


Several years back, wellknown director Christine Mielitz staged a most controversial production of Richard Wagner's «Parsifal» at the Vienna State Opera. Werner Boote attempts to document the origins of the opera and vividly tells us some real- life backstage stories surrounding the history of «Parsifal«.  


movies/de/Parsifal/parsifal02.jpg (Parsifal_Quasthoff)

Singer Thomas Quasthoff 



Werner Boote on his search for the holy grail in Spain.



Conductor Donald Runnicles during the rehearsals in the Vienna State Opera.



Easter procession in Valencia, Spain



President of the Caballeros del Santo Cáliz de Valencia (Knights of the Holy Grail) and his wife



written and directed by: Werner Boote
photography by: Thomas Kirschner
camera assistent: Dominik Spritzendorfer
edited: Tom Pohanka
production manager: Florian Brandt
producer: Thomas Bogner
produced by Neue Sentimental Film Austria und ORF, 2004


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