Werner Boote´s THE GREEN LIE premiered at Berlinale Feb 18th 2018


Festival contact: Mrs. Saejeong Kwak (WideHouse, world sales agency)

Questions about the film:  e&a film


• BERLINALE - Berlin International Film Festival (15.-25.02.2018) 

movies/de/The Green Lie/festival_berlinale_logo.png         NOMINATIONGlashütte Documentary Award 

• THESSALONIKI International Film Festival (02.-11.03.2018)

movies/de/The Green Lie/festival_thessaloniki_logo.png

• CPH:DOX - International Documentary Film Festival Copenhagen, Denmark (15.-25.03.2018) 

movies/de/The Green Lie/festival_cphdox_logo.png               

• BAFICI - Film Festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina (11.-22.04.2018) 

movies/de/The Green Lie/festival_BAFICI_logo.gif           NOMINATION for `Best Film´, Derechos Humanos


• CINEMA PLANETA - Festival Internacional de Cine, Cuernavaca, Mexico (24.-29.04.2018) 

movies/de/The Green Lie/Logo_Cinema_Planeta.jpeg  


• ESPOO CINÉ - International Film Festival, Espoo, Finland (04.-13.05.2018) 

movies/de/The Green Lie/GL_Festival_Espoo.jpeg 

• MILLENIUM DOCS AGAINST GRAVITY, Warsaw, Poland (11.-22.05.2018) 

movies/de/The Green Lie/millennium-docs-against.png.jpeg         NOMINATION: GREEN WARSAW AWARD


• CINEMAMBIENTE, Torino, Italy (31.05.-05.06.2018) 

movies/de/The Green Lie/GL_Lorbeeren_Cinemambiente.jpeg         AWARD: Menzione Speciale Ambiente e Societa

• ATLÁNTIDA FILM FEST, Spain (25.06.-25.07.2018) 

movies/de/The Green Lie/Logo_Atlantida.jpeg 


• SLOW FOOD FESTIVAL DE CINEMA, Brasil (13.09.-16.09.2018) 

movies/de/The Green Lie/festival_Slow Filme.jpg 


• HRFFA International Human Rights Festival, Tirana, Albania (17.-22.09.2018) 

movies/de/The Green Lie/Logo_HRFFA_Albanien.jpeg 


• TAKE ONE ACTION FILM FESTIVAL, Scottland (12.-23.09.2018) 

movies/de/The Green Lie/festival_takeoneaction.png 


• BIFF, Bergen International Film Festival, Bergen, Norway (28.09.-04.10.2018)

movies/de/The Green Lie/festival_bergen.png


• BIFED, Bozcaada, Turkey (10.-14.10.2018)

movies/de/The Green Lie/festival_Bifed.jpg     opening film  


• AUSTRIA TICKET - for highest grossing films in Austria  (11.10.2018)

movies/de/The Green Lie/Austria_Ticket_LR_mini.jpeg     WINNER OF AUSTRIA TICKET - more than 75.000 moviegoers in Austria!


• CINEECO, Seia, Portugal (13.-20.10.2018)

movies/de/The Green Lie/Logo_CINEECO.jpg     opening film 


• VIENNALE, Vienna, Austria - Wiener Filmpreis

movies/de/The Green Lie/festival_Filmfonds_Wien.jpg     NOMINATION: Wiener Filmpreis 


• ECOCUP Green Documentary Film Festival, Moscow, Russia (13.-16.11.2018)

movies/de/The Green Lie/festival_EcoCup_.png


• Rokumentti Rock Film Festival, Joensuu, Finland (14.-18.11.2018)

movies/de/The Green Lie/festival_rokumentti.jpeg


• Food Film Festival, Aarhus, Denmark (19.-25.11.2018)

movies/de/The Green Lie/festival_aarhus.png


• Green Initiatives, Shanghai, China (29.11.2018)

movies/de/The Green Lie/green-initiatives-300x224.png

• Sofia International Film Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria (7.-.17.03.2019)

movies/de/The Green Lie/festival_sofia.png     Competition


• DCEFF, Washington DC, USA (14.-24.03.2019)

movies/de/The Green Lie/festival_DCEFF.jpg


• Diagonale, Graz, Austria (19.-24.03.2019)

movies/de/The Green Lie/festival_Diagonale.jpg       Competition


• Festival du Film Vert, in 70 cities in France and Switzerland (01.-15.04.2019)

movies/de/The Green Lie/festival_schweiz.jpg


• Kurier ROMY, Wien (11.04.2019) 

movies/de/The Green Lie/festival_romy.jpg    NOMINATION: Best Documentary


• The FReDD Festival, Toulouse, Frankreich (10.-20.04.2019)

movies/de/The Green Lie/festival_fredd.jpg     Competition


• GREEN Film Festival, San Francisco, USA (24.-29.09.2019)

movies/de/The Green Lie/festival_san_francisco.jpg    


• American Conservation Film Festival (04.-06.10.2019)

movies/de/The Green Lie/festival_ACFF_AwardWinner_mini.jpeg     WINNER: Foreign Conservation Film Award


• UK Green Film Festival, London, England (30.10.-09.11.2019)

movies/de/The Green Lie/festival_ukgff.jpg     Official Selection


• Filmfest Augenblick, Strasbourg, France (05.-22.11.2019)

movies/de/The Green Lie/festival_Augenblick_Strasbourg.jpg    


• HumanDoc Film Festival, Warsaw, Poland (22.-24.11.2019)

movies/de/The Green Lie/festival_HumanDoc_Polen Kopie.jpg    Competition, finalist


• Visions/Voices Environmental Film Festival, St Petersburg, USA (25.-29.02.2020)

movies/de/The Green Lie/festival_florida_eff.jpeg    Competition


• Svet V Meste, Lučenec, Slovakia (12.-14.03.2020)

movies/de/The Green Lie/festival_slovakei.jpg    




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