Dance on the Spot


This documentary presents Austria´s contemporary dance scene and questions why many are not moving anymore. 

Awards: Golden PragueIMZ dancescreen Brighton 2005

With: Elio Gervasi, Willi Dorner, Philipp GehmacherChris Haring, Barbara KrausSuperamas, PilottanztSaskia Hölbling and many dancers


"Werner Boote, Andrea Amort and their colleagues have distilled the off-dance of the 21st Century's first years into a remarkable film. It does not try to duplicate experiencing a live performance but does more. As the camera moves with agility from stage to studio to office, from choreographers thinking their dances out loud to presenters pondering the artform and its public, what emerges is rich, diverse and provocative. 
This footage captures the elusive atmo-sphere of the current scene as well as its actual materials - the bodies, the spaces. 
We hear about infrastructure problems and conceptual quandries. 
Filmed in Austria, this imaginative documentary is representative of off-dance just about everywhere."

George Jackson
Critic for Dance Magazine, Ballet Review



Willi Dorner company


Director Werner Boote („Der fliegende Holländer - Feuer und Eis“, „Und der Bus fährt weiter“) takes a close look at Austrias contemporary dancing scene and follows wellknown choreographers over more than one year. Scientific adviser Andrea Amort guides him through various companies.


In Österreich, das seit dem weltberühmten Ausdruckstanz jahrzehntelang nichts zu bieten hatte, boomt der zeitgenössische Tanz. Impulstanz ist Europas größtes Tanzfestival, das Tanzquartier in Wien ist ein Anlaufpunkt für TänzerInnen von internationalem Rang und ­ was viel wichtiger ist:

Österreich blickt auf eine spannende „Dance­Community“ mit interessanten ChoreographInnen.





written and directed by: Werner Boote

scientific advisor: Andrea Amort

camera: Thomas Kirschner

camera assistent: Dominik Spritzendorfer

edited by: Tom Pohanka

production manager: Florian Brandt

producer: Thomas Bogner

produced by: Neue Sentimental Film Austria for ORF, 2004

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