Austria Of Contrasts


Werner Boote´s debut film.


This corporate image film for the Austrian Economic Chambers presents Austria and its awesome variety.

(35 mm film, 25 minutes, 1993)


Modern companies, handicraft businesses and lots of great stuff:

Yodel, airport technology, button accordion, Attwenger, Bösendorfer pianos, Design, Lederhosen, staghorn button, fashion, sausage machines, cheese, fromagerie, skiing, Skidata, church clocks, Doppelmayr chairlifts, thatched roofs, Rosenbauer firefighter cars, distillery, core oil, pumpkin seed oil, Lipizzaner horses, robotics, Prangerstutzen shooters, machine tool manufacturers, summer, winter, theater, art, culture


Watch the film:





Director: Werner Boote

Director of photography: Peter Zeitlinger, Hans Selikovsky

edited by: Renate Ablinger

production company: Austria Film & Video


„Winner of the Dolphin“ in Biarritz, Frankreich 1994
Two Finalist Awards The New York Festivals
1.Preis Berlin 35. IFVC
Award of Master
Award of State - Austria 


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