Music In The Air


Vienna is beautiful. Its music is wonderful. Everybody is flying high. 


25 minutes film by Werner Boote for the New Year´s Concert 2012 of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Mariss Jansons.


With "The Philharmonics": Tibor KovácsThilo FechnerRoman JánoškaStephan KonczÖdön RáczDaniel OttensamerFrantišek Jánoška und Shkelzen Doli

and: Kenia Bernal GonzalezMayuna Hasebe and many others.


Broadcasted worldwide: 01.01.2012, between the first and the second part of the New Year´s Concert


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Kenia Bernal Gonzalez high above the castle Belvedere, Vienna



Director Werner Boote created this wonderful portrait of the city of Vienna, its people, “The Philharmonics” and their music. The idea of people floating in the air – lifted by the spirits of music – came to him while looking at a painting of René Magritte, “Golconde”.


movies/de/Musik_In_Der_Luft/pa ... Pausenfilm_Dirndl_mittel)



Flug über Wien

Kellnerin am Stephansplatz








Oberösterreichische Nachrichten


Kleine Zeitung: "Der Pausenfilm bringt die Menschen zum Schweben", 29.12.2011



movies/de/Musik_In_Der_Luft/Mu ... jpg (Pausenfilm_MakingOf)




written and directed by: Werner Boote

photography: Harald StaudachDominik Spritzendorfer, Heribert Senegacnik

costume designers: Nora Abeska, Christoph Birkner

edited by: Tom Pohanka

make up: Susanne Weichesmiller

assistent director: Rudi Takacs

stunt coordinators: Erwin Reichel, Christian Schmidt

lightening: Herbert Kohlhammer, Mathias Pötsch, Patrick Stupnicki

CGI postproduction: Ralf Ricker

production manager: Heribert Fuchs, Florian Michel, Thomas Weidinger, Walter Hämmerle

commissioning editor: Heidelinde Rudy

producers: Felix Breisach, Michael Heinzl

Felix Breisach Medienwerkstatt, ORF 2012



movies/de/Musik_In_Der_Luft/pa ... e_gruppenfoto_kurier.jpeg

Kenia Bernal Gonzalez, The Philharmonics and director Werner Boote



Take a look how SCARY the shooting of this film was!



A crane brings actress Kenia Bernal Gonzalez high up to the sky.

In the final film you of course do not see the wires. They have been removed by Ralf Ricker


Most of the shots have been filmed on original location. But sometimes we did not get the permission to film with the heavy cranes in front of historical buildings or our cranes could not lift the actors high enough. That´s why we had to do additional shooting in the studio with green screen. 

movies/de/Musik_In_Der_Luft/pa ... backstage_greenscreen.jpg



Five cameras "RED" in the studio close to Vienna.

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