The Mythology of the Ring


Werner Boote in quest of the global irrelevance of Richard Wagner´s "The Ring of the Nibelung".

TV-documentary by Werner Boote, 52 minutes (2009)

produced by Felix Breisach Medienwerkstatt for ORF

filming locations: Brasil, The Philippines, New York, Hollywood, Pennsylvania, Tokyo, Morocco



Boote as Sauron with the ring of power infront of the hobbit-house in Pennsylvania, US 


This intriguing search for devotees and connoisseurs of Richard Wagner's «The Ring of the Nibelung» takes us on a spectacular journey from the far flung coast of the Philippines to Manaus in the Amazonian rainforest and a tiny Berber village in the Sahara. As well as encounters with Prince CharlesFranz Welser-Möst and Achim Freyer, viewers also meet Star Wars fanatics and Lord of the Rings fans. But what parallels do these modern fables have with Wagner's epic? Is Wagner's grandiose theater work a global myth, that is relevant to us all or is it the music of the rich and powerful? Does power in the operas always equate with the person in possession of the ring? A funny and irreverent film about an awe-inspiring myth, which has touched countless people profoundly since its inception. 



Interior of the Teatro Amazonas, famous operahouse in Manaus (Brasil)


Werner Bootes trip around the world:

Boote investigates whether Richard Wagner´s "The Ring of the Nibelung" is important or not. He talks to celebrities of the opera-biz and investigates whether creative folks are taking loan from Wagner's Ring for their work (George Lucas, John Williams, Peter Jackson, etc.).

But even in remote corners of the Earth Boote detects connections vestiges of the tetralogy - consisting of " Das Rheingold ," " Die Walküre ," " Siegfried " and " Götterdämmerung". 

In the Philippines he visits the filming location of the famous movie "Apocalypse Now". Everyone remembers the "Ride of the Valkyries" which is played over the helicopter loudspeakers during a devastating napalm airstrike!

Therefore Boote meets former crew members of "Apocalypse Now".


movies/de/Mythos_Ring/Mythos_R ... os Ring (Apocalypse Now))

Former prop masters Bam Escudero and Koko Villar and Werner Boote

on the filming location of "Apocalypse Now", Philippines.


"This is the music of the rich!"

Everywhere Boote and his team place a big screen and play images of Wagner´s Ring from the Vienna State Opera for the locals. The reactions can not be more different and they finally are culminating in a scene in a Moroccan Berber village:

"This is music of the rich ! WAR MUSIC! It makes our children afraid!" - Then the film crew is chased with stones from the village.



Dancers play the historical battle against the Spanish. Baler, Aurora  



During shooting the scene on the Amazonas River boat, director Werner Boote got bitten by a 12 feet Anaconda. After a short fight a local member of the crew defeated the snake. Boote refused to visit the hospital of Manaus but consulted a shaman in the jungle. Five days later he was fine.







Year: 2009
Run-Time: 1 x 59 min.
Languages: German (ORIGINAL)
Format: 16:9


written and directed by: Werner Boote

camera: Dominik Spritzenbdorfer

camera assistent: Mario Hötschl

voice over: Christian Reiner

production manager: Florian Brandt

edited by: Roland Buzzi

producer: Felix Breisach

produced by: Felix Breisach Medienwerkstatt for ORF



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