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10 years `Plastic Planet´

Special event on Sep 18th 2019... - more


Foreign Film Award

`The Green Lie´ wins the `Foreign Film Award´ at the American Conservation Film Festival.... - more


L´ILLUSION VERTE opens Feb 13 in France

`The Green Lie´ going to hit french cinemas with a french title and a famous narrator.... - more


Belgian Premiere at the European Parliament

The first screening of `The Green Lie´ in Belgium is Feb 22. ... - more


`Population Boom´ and `Everything´s Under Control´ in Israel

Both films are shown at the Mensch! Human Rights Film Festival... - more


`The Green Lie´ in China

Premiere in Shanghai highly successful ... - more


`The Green Lie´ in Turkey

Werner Boote presents the film at the EU Human Rights Film Days... - more


`The Green Lie´ in Russia

Зелёная ложь was shown at the Ecocup Film Festival in Moscow... - more


Austria Ticket - 75.000 moviegoers!

`The Green Lie´ among highest grossing films in Austria... - more


Opening film in Portugal

`The Green Lie´ is this years´s opening film of CineEco ... - more


Nomination `Best Austrian Film´

`The Green Lie´ is nominated for the `Vienna Film Prize of the City of Vienna´... - more


`The Green Lie´ to hit Swiss cinemas

Premiere in Switzerland will be on Sep 6th 2018! ... - more


Award for `The Green Lie´

At the Cinemambiente Environmental Film Festival in Turin, Italy, the film received the Award for "Ambiente e Societa"... - more


At the top of the Austria box office

Over 50.000 viewers watched the movie!... - more


Berlinale - nominated for Documentary Award

Worldpremiere @ Berlin International Film Festival 2018... - more


Coming soon: THE GREEN LIE

Boote´s new doc THE GREEN LIE is going to open March 2018. ... - more


Opening Museum Niederösterreich

Clips of EVERYTHING´S UNDER CONTROL shown at the opening of the new Museum Niederösterreich... - more


Most important environmental films of the world!

Plastic Planet is mentioned as one of the most important environmental films of the world.... - more


Primetime for Everything´s Under Control

TV-premieres for ALLES UNTER KONTROLLE... - more


Comenius Award Winner

"Morgenland im Abendland" wins Comenius Award... - more


Population Boom on 3SAT

Sunday Jan 24 at 9.45 p.m. 3SAT is broadcasting "Population Boom". ... - more


"Everything´s Under Control" hits Austria

The movie opens in theaters in Austria. Get the latest news on the german page ALLES UNTER KONTROLLE. Watch the first images of the film on Werner Boote´s YouTube Channel. Find the film in the cinema:... - more


Premiere in Vienna

Today "Everything´s Under Control" (Alles unter Kontrolle) premieres in Vienna. Watch the photos of the Gala.... - more


"Population Boom" premieres on TV - Primetime

Austrian Broadcaster ORF is going to show "Population Boom" on Wednesday, 18th November, at 8:15 pm Primetime on channel ORF 1. On Sunday 15th November at 11.55 pm ORF tributes the "Great... - more


Everything´s under control - completed!

The new film "Everything´s under control" is completed and will be released in Austria 25th of December 2015. Please find information about the film on the german page of this film: "Alles... - more


Orient in Occident

Famous Austrian actor Josef Hader is the helmer of Werner Bootes documentary "Morgenland im Abendland" (Orient in Occident). The film will be broadcasted for the first time April 7th on ORF 2.... - more


Premiere in Russia

"Population Boom" premieres Friday February 27th at the Ecocup Film Festival in Moscow. ... - more


"Artistic Direction Special Award"

The "Artistic Direction Special Award" of the Docscient Film Festival 2014 in Rome, Italy, goes to Werner Boote for the film "Population Boom".... - more


5 Years Celebration of Plastic Planet

The Ökoregion Kaindorf celebrates 5 years of the film "Plastic Planet" at the Schirnhofer Lounge on September 25th 2014.... - more


Nominated for the Cosmic Angel Award 2014

"Population Boom" received a nomination at the Cosmic Cine Festival, a festival for sustainability, awareness and creativity and premieres in Switzerland April 5th in Zurich ... - more


Audience Award for Plastic Planet

Plastic Planet won the audience award at the 3rd Filmfestival Neustrelitz. On April 1st 2014 Werner Boote received the trophy, an eagle made by german artist Martin Herrmann.... - more


The German theatrical release date is March 27th 2014

"Population Boom" is first going to hit theaters in: ... - more


"Bombs Away" at prime time

The documentary "Bombs Away" (german title:"Bombensicher") tells the truth behind the world´s largest art treasure in the saltmine of Altaussee during WWII. The film will be first broadcasted... - more


Winner "Green Me Award" in Berlin

Werner Boote receives the "Green Me Award" for best documentary "Population Boom" at the Green Me Film Festival. It is the green film festival in the run up to the Berlinale. ... - more


Opening film in Berlin

"Population Boom" opens the 7th Green Me Filmfestival in Berlin and is nominated for the "GREEN ME AWARD". Screenings are Feb 1st (4 pm) and Feb 2nd (8:15 pm) at Cinemaxx at Potsdamer... - more


EU Parliament sounds the plastic alarm

The most hazardous plastics and certain plastic bags should be banned by 2020, as part of an EU strategy to reduce plastic waste in the environment, says the European Parliament in a resolution voted on... - more


Population Boom opens in Germany spring 2014

Distributor mindjazz pictures is going to bring "Population Boom" to Germany in early spring 2014. For more information please contact: - more


Max Ophüls Awards

"Population Boom" received an invitation for the 35th filmfestival "Max Ophüls Preis". The festival will take place between january 20th and 26th 2014 in Saarbrücken, Germany.... - more


Nomination for "Population Boom"

"Population Boom" is nominated for FACT:AWARD and will celebrate international premiere november 13th 2013 in Denmark. The filmfestival CPH:DOX in Copenhagen is one of the best festivals for... - more


Population Boom Premiere

The movie "Population Boom" will be released in Austria september 20th. 2013. Information about the international premiere will follow soon. ... - more


973.000 viewers in Austria

The film "Music In The Air" wins highest audience rating.... - more


Music In The Air

The year 2012 starts with Werner´s film for the New Year´s Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic. Inspired by Magrittes painting Golconda Werner created this surreal portrait of Vienna. As many as 70 tv stations... - more


Passions In Life: Christmas Illumination

Every christmas Boote´s first doc for the series "Passions In Life" is going to be broadcasted. This year 3SAT channel shows the film how Austrians extensively are decorating and illuminating... - more


Passions In Life: Hunting

The new documentary highlights Austrian bargain hunters and their secret tricks for cheap living. Funny and instructive this film is an important guide for everyone in the times of the financial crisis.... - more


Passions In Life: Hausmusik

Werner shows the importance of music-making in the home. He portrays stressed attempts of in Per Elise and Moonligh Sonata in a humorous and sensitive way. Broadcasted today by ORF. ... - more


9/11 Stranded in Newfoundland

This short documentary (30 min) is a part of Werner´s long feature documentary about an unknown incident in the city of Gander during 9/11 which will be completed in 2012. Broadcasted by Servus TV. Produced... - more


Passions In Life: Body Care

The new documentary "The Art Of Body Care" was broadcasted at ORF 2 and grabbed a marketshare of 15%. This funny film is the latest TV-serial of "The Art Of Life" which was produced... - more


The Night Of Werner Boote

Today 8 films in a row until 6 o´clock in the morning!... - more


Plastic Planet in the US

Plastic Planet opens in theaters in the US. Please be aware of the new poster. Distributor: - more


Premiere in Albania

Yesterday was the premiere of the film "Plastic Planet" in Tirana, Albania, with the minister of Environment, the Ambassadors of Austria & Hungary, various NGOs & media. Heated public debates... - more


Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Austria

The new TV-Film "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Austria" is a funny and alarming portrait of the Austrians. The film was yesterday broadcasted by public television ORF and reached... - more


Atlantis Awards

Werner received the 2nd Award at the Atlantis Filmfestival in Wiesbaden.... - more


Awarded in Italy

At the XIII Cinemambiente Environmental Film Festival in Torino, Italy, Werner Boote received the "Torino Provincial Student Council Award Special Mention" for Plastic Planet in the "International... - more


Passions In Life: Suntan

Today on Austrian TV ORF 2: A new film of the series "Passions In Life". This humorous doc presents Austrians and their passion for extreme sun tanning. ... - more


ROMY - Award for "Best Documentary Feature"

Werner won the ROMY Award for Plastic Planet. Actress Anica Dobra handed him over the golden statue. Werner thanked his team, his family and the Kurier Academy. ... - more


Premiere in Germany

Plastic Planet is going to open in theaters in Germany. For more details please contact the distributor Farbfilmverleih and the press office Media Office. ... - more


No home for plastics

After watching the film "Plastic Planet" a Styrian five-member family starts an experiment: They decided to live without plastics for at least a month. Please follow the family Krautwaschl on... - more


Plastics in our blood

TV Magazine program "Thema" (ORF) presents new developments around Plastic Planet: Phthalates, flame-retardants and Bisphenol A are in our blood. 40 moviegoers of "Plastic Planet" offered... - more


Passions In Life: Pulp Fiction

ORF broadcasts the new doc "Passions In Life: Pulp Fiction", a film about Austrians who have a passion for trashy literature. It is probably one of the best films of Werners series "Passions... - more


Plastic Planet makes the difference

After tests have been made during the film and its Austrian release, the industry needs to take back babysoothers with dangerous substance Bisphenol A. Supermarket shelves are empty! - Irate consumers,... - more


Passions In Life: Grief

Outstanding audience-flow for Passions!... - more


Plastic Planet premiere in Germany

At the Filmfestival in Hof "Plastic Planet" celebrated its premiere in Germany. ... - more


Eva Mendes, Orlando Bloom and Little Werner from Austria

Plastic Planet was shown in Abu Dhabi at the fantastic and glamorous Middle East International Film Festival MEIFF 2009 hosted by Peter Scarlet. Werner walks the red carpet between Orlando Bloom and Eva... - more


Passions In Life: Building A House

Austrian Television is going to broadcast the new film of the series "Passions In Life" on October 5th. "Passions In Life: Building A House" is telling about the dreams people have... - more


"Plastic Planet" Website with Trailer

Please visit the films official website and find all details about the film. "Plastic Planet" is going to open in Austria September 18th. 2009. ... - more


Austrian Premiere of "Plastic Planet" with THE ORB

"Plastic Planet" premiere will be on September 15th in Vienna´s Gartenbaukino. At the aftershowparty THE ORB is going to play live. THE ORB did the original score for the movie. ... - more


Rerun of "And The Bus Drives On"

Austrian broadcaster ORF reruns Werners 5 year old documentary august 10th. "The Bus Drives On" was Werners tribute to Federico Fellinis "E la nave va". Werner shows in his film Austrian... - more


ORF discusses slot for Werners series "Passions In Life"

The ORF plans to give Werner an own slot in 2010 for his series "Passions In Life" Several new documentaries are going to be produced.... - more


Passions In Life: Sun Tan

ORF has programmed Werner´s new doc for May 25th. The film shows Austrians and their passion for solariums.... - more


A shaman patches up Werner

Werner: "The Anaconda squeezed my left leg and in the same moment she bit me in my right leg. Our local assistent came to rescue me. She hurt him too. We are shocked but okay." - Shooting continues.... - more


Anaconda bites Werner

During shooting the film "The Myth: Ring": Werner yesterday got bitten by a 12 feet Anaconda on a boat on the Amazon! ... - more


A ring around the world

For the new documentary "The Myth: Ring" Werner and his crew (production manager Florian Brandt, cameraman Dominik Spritzendorfer, assistent Mario Hötschl) are leaving for their journey around... - more


Every year at christmas time

For the last three years Werners film is item on the agenda during christmas time. The fabulous audience rating of the film "Passions In Life: Christmas Lightening" this year confirms the programming... - more


Passions In Life: Cars

Werners film "Passions In Life: Cars" shows Austrians and their passion for cars. Broadcasted on ORF. ... - more


nonfiktionale - humor in documentaries

Werner´s film "The Art Of Christmas Lightening" nominated for "nonfiktionale" filmfestival, Germany. The film shows Austrians and their passion for christmas decoration.... - more


Music-Video LDT

Watch the Music-Video "Muevete, Pegate, Tirate" on or youtube. Werner and a really great film-crew made this fantastic and hot Reggaeton-Video for LDT "La Diferencia Total".... - more


Passions In Life: Dancing

After "Passions In Life: Christmas Illumination" Werner Boote now presents a second film about passion: "Passions In Life: Dancing" is his new documentary and presents Austrians who... - more


Christmas-Lightening Austria

Werner Bootes new documentary "Passions In Life: Christmas Illumination" is a funny 30 minutes film about Austrians who love to decorate their houses with a lot of christmas-lightenings. It´s... - more


Funny Film about the pope´s place of birth

Werner just completed a funny movie about a small little village in Germany, which suddenly has to conquer attraction from all over the world. Since the day Benedikt became the pope, the village where... - more


Vatican – Screening

Pope Benedikt XIV. will watch Werners film „Parsifal – Indiana Jones and Richard Wagner“, because he wants to know more about the holy grail and likes Wagner, says „Knight of the Holy Grail“ - Michael... - more


Filmfund and Austrian Television

The Austrian Filmfund ( and Austrian Television ORF are financing the Austrian part of the international co-production of ‘plastic_planet.’. The co-production of Neue Sentimental Film... - more


The crownprince of Abu Dhabi

H.H. Sheik Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Abu Dhabi´s new crownprince, wants a film to be made featuring the Air-Show 2006. Werner suggested a modern portrait of the crownprince to His Highness. ... - more


My dear beer DATE UNCLEAR

Werner´s ‘Fantasyfilm’ for the Austrian brewery Stiegl has its first ever viewing on three huge screens during the Salzburg meeting of Europe´s brewmasters. Agency Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann is pleased... - more


‘And The Bus Drives On’

German broadcaster 3sat was happy when the film almost broke record attendance on Saturday January 8th. for 9.50 p.m. (source: 3sat).... - more


Kinsky for brewery-ghost DATE UNCLEAR

Austrian actor Kinsky, in the role of the ghost in Werners High-Quality Imagefilm for Austrias largest brewery Stiegl, is hanging on a huge crane – ‘flying’ high in the sky above Salzburg.... - more


The Ten Commandments DATE UNCLEAR

Robert Halmi sen., Hallmark Entertainment´s big boss is happy during the first viewing of Dornhelms ‘The Ten Commandments’. Werner shot stunning battlescenes and the Exodus (26.000 extras!). CGI-departements... - more


Shooting ‘plastic_planet.’ in the US. DATE UNCLEAR

Werner, d.o.p. Thomas Kirschner and the crew of Neue Sentimental Film started shooting in Colorado. One of the Locations is the National Park ‘Black Canyon’.... - more


French Success

During shooting ‘plastic_planet’ in Paris, Ilann Girard - Exec. Producer of Bille August´s ‘Goodbye Bafana’ - declares that he wants to take part in the film. ... - more


First day of shooting ‘plastic_planet.’

Werner started shooting his new documentary with D.O.P. Michi Riebl and Joseph Mitterndorfer. International Stuntcoordinator Cedrik Proust (‘Troy’) and the crew of Sahara Horse & Camels join them in the... - more


Penguines go Plastic

Ilann Girard, Executive Producer of box-office-hits such as ‘March of the Penguines’ from ARSAM (France), now joines the crewlist of Werners ‘plastic_planet.’, according toThomas Bogner (Neue Sentimental... - more


‘plastic_planet.’ goes big

Werner and producer Thomas Bogner presented their huge project ‘plastic_planet.’ at the NRW Fund in Cologne. Producers from Germany, UK, Swizerland, Canada and Belgium offered participation.... - more


‘And the Bus Drives On’

The bus with the crew and the last real operafans will depart 25th of may. The filming in the bus will take place on the way to Genova and Torre del Lago, Italy. Placido Domingo is going to appear in Werners... - more



‘The Flying Dutchman – Fire and Ice’ earns a lot of interest during INPUT at San Francisco. ‘This highly recommended documentary presents opera in a new and exciting way.’ INPUT is the international Televisionfestival... - more


‘The Ten Commandments’

... - more


INPUT in San Francisco

‘The Flying Dutchman – Fire and Ice’ is selected by INPUT. The world’s most innovative Televisionprogramms are this year going to be presented in San Francisco. Werner and producer Thomas Bogner will be... - more


Congratulations to the Winners

The winners of the DVDs ‘The Flying Dutchman – Fire and Ice’ and ‘Parsifal – Indiana Jones and Richard Wagner’ from the Television-magazin ‘’ - competition are: Sabine Brandstetter, Herbert Ortner,... - more


Easter-Festival for ‘Parsifal – Indiana Jones and Richard Wagner’

German broadcaster 3sat is going to show the film on Holy Saturday, March 26th., 9.50 p.m. Pay-TV Premiere Classica (Germany to Italy) broadcasts on Holy Friday, March 24th., 7 p.m., Easter Sunday, March... - more


Burning castle in the desert

No burning candles but a burning castle on Werner´s 40´s birthday party in Quarzazate. 2500 extras in historical costumes lit the castle which was built for ABC´s ‘The Ten Commandments’ with burning arrows.... - more


‘Austrian Television discovers Werners early films again’

‘time4vienna’ (‘Best Tourism-film Of The World 1999’) examples how ‘funny’ Viennas commercials are (‘Erlebniswelt Österreich’, 08.01.2005). – Werner’s ‘Museumsquartier 2000’ (‘Winner of the Dolphin’ Biarritz... - more



Werners 3-minute Teaser of ‘plastic_planet.’ was shown sucessfully in New York, Cannes and Tokyo. International media-representatives call the project ‘dramatic, visual and american’, said Executive Producer... - more


Comenius Award 2005

... - more


Mautner goes to the movies

Project ‘Mautner’ is now heading towards cinemas. What had started as a short television-project grew up to a modern movie and is going to be part of a new wave of young Austrian movies. Watch the teaser... - more


‘Parsifal - Indiana Jones and Richard Wagner’

Last year the film ‘Kurt Rydl – The Gladiator’ was nominated at the FIPA, Europes Award for Television Programms. This year the FIPA Biarritz will show the Documentary ‘ Parsifal - Indiana Jones and Richard... - more


‘Emergency! Emerging-Room’

The Austrian Television station asked Werner to find a german title for his documentary about contemporary dance. ‘Wo der Tanz steht’ means ‘Where dance stands’ and tells all about todays situation that... - more


‘Kurt Rydl’

Worldfamous operasinger Kurt Rydl (In 2002 Werner made his awardwinning documentary ‘Kurt Rydl – De Gladiator’) called Werner and invited him to make a film on the occasion of the new production of ‘Rosenkavalier’... - more


‘Parsifal – Indiana Jones and Richard Wagner’

The DVD ‘Parsifal – Indiana Jones and Richard Wagner’ is out now. Go and see the english language Version. It is much better than the german one. ... - more



With an extraordinary crew Werner made a Teaser for the ‘Austria-Mystery’-film ‘Mautner’ for 8x45. The film will be presented in the Austrian Programme ‘25’. You will also find it on this side.... - more


Don Carlos

Surprisingly the Austrian Television cancelled Werners documentary. The offical reason is: Peter Konwitschnys Don Carlos will be very conventional. Nevertheless yesterday at the opening in the Vienna State... - more


‘Emergency! Emerging-Room’

The documentary about the new wave in contemporary dance in Austria will be broadcasted November 21st. in ORF 2. The presented choreographers are: Willi Dorner, Saskia Hölbling, Superamas, Philip Gehmacher,... - more


Don Carlos

After long negotiations the ORF finally finances Werners 90 minutes documentary about the new ‘Don Carlos’ at the Vienna State Opera. This new project will constitute a trilogy together with ‘The flying... - more


Henk´s catastrophy

Big disappointment for Henk de Velde. The maincharacter from Werners documentary ‘The flying dutchman – fire and ice’ (next broadcasting: October 2nd, 3SAT, 10:00 p.m. ) had to call off his 6th journey... - more


‘And the Bus Drives On’

After very good pre-broadcast attention in daily newspapers the film was shown last sunday on Austrian Television and reached a sensational 21% share of the market (Austrian News for example:18%). This... - more



Television tells they will finance Lotus films featurefilmproject (Producer Ursi Wolschlager and Erich Lackner asked Werner to be the director of this Mystery-film earlier this year).... - more


Emergency! Emerging-Room

The documentary on the new dance-movement got the special rtr-fund. Werner wants the film to be finished this november.... - more


‘And the Bus Drives On’

The film will be shown in Austria on 12. September 2004. International TV-stations are interested.... - more


‘The Flying dutchman – Fire and Ice’

Just in time for the new series of Wagners operas at the Vienna State Opera the film appeared on DVD.... - more


‘Parsifal - Indiana Jones and Richard Wagner’

On Whitmonday (31.05.) the film was shown in Austria and got marvellous reviews by its audience. ... - more


Österreichische Nationalbank

Gouvernour Dr. Liebscher and his team were very satisfied with the new film, which Werner made with Gebhardt Productions and Demner, Merlicek and Bergmann. ... - more



Because the film ‘The flying dutchman – Fire and Ice’ was received enthusiastically, Werner, ORF and Neue Sentimental Film now go for a new operafilm: „Parsifal – Indiana Jones and Richard Wagner“ will... - more


FIPA Screening

We inform you that the program ‘Kurt Rydl, der Gladiator’, selected at the FIPA will be screened: • on January 21st, at 16h45, in Theater (Casino), in presence of the jury • on January 23rd at 11h30, at... - more


The Flying Dutchman

The film will be broadcasted for the first time by ORF on sunday, 18.01.2004, 09:30 Uhr on the special-feature „Sonntagsmatinee“. ... - more


Österreichische Nationalbank

The Austrian National Bank and the wellknown Agency Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann offered Werner an Imagefilm in HDTV-format. Producer: Gebhardt Productions. The film will be finished in Mach 2004.... - more


Back in Good Old Vienna

There were just six hours without storm in Tiksi, Sibiria. But it was enough for the old Antonov-plane to bring the crew safe back to Jakutsk. Werner called it a „moving flight in a refrigerator above... - more


Prisoners of Ice

Werner, Thomas, Dominic, Florian and Reinhard are lost in Tiksi. Due to heavy storms the plane will not leave as planned. Inhabitants of Tiksi say that sometimes foreigners even had to wait there for as... - more


Into the Arctic

After weeks of preparing the camera equipment for the extreme cold, the crew left in special expedition-outfit for Sibiria. The shooting will mainly take place in Tiksi. Get your globe and see where it... - more


‘Kurt Rydl – Der Gladiator’

„Kurt Rydl – Der Gladiator‘ got nominated at FIPA, the renowned ’Festival International de Programmes Audiovisuels‘. The movie entered the competition in the category ’Competition/Performing Arts Section‘.... - more


’Kurt Rydl – Der Gladiator’

The ORF submits the movie to the FIPA Biarritz. After Golden Prague, Prix Italia, Prix Europa and the Emmy Awards this is yet another strong appearence of the movie at international festivals. It will... - more



First day of shooting the dance movie:... - more


’And the Bus Drives On´

ARTE and ORF decide for co-financing Werner’s documentary. With Felix Breisach a company joins the team which has achieved a name in music business for it’s dance-interludes staged during the breaks of... - more



The project ‘plastic_planet’ initiates the long beforehand planned cooperation between Neue Sentimental Film Austria AG and Werner Boote. The documentary dedicates itself to the material plastic.... - more



Together with Andrea Amort, the renowned dance-critic, Werner presents the concept for the first ever movie about contemporary dance in Austria. The ORF will be co-financing the project.... - more


‘Kurt Rydl – Der Gladiator’

Last sunday 3SAT showed the movie. Though a repeat, the number of viewers watching was above average (source: ORF). Most likely this is due to the strong media interest around the Emmy Awards, where the... - more

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