The Flying Dutchman - Fire and Ice


Acclaimed young Austrian Filmmaker Werner Boote

examines the curse of the mysterious flying dutchman 

and finds the sailor Henk de Velde

from the Netherlands in the arctic ice. 


He is the flying dutchman of today! 





"Best Of Input", San Francisco 2005

With: Henk de VeldeSeiji OzawaChristine Mielitz, Ioan Holender and many others. 

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It seems the «Flying Dutchman», the mysterious seafarer from Richard Wagner's opera, has found someone worthy to carry on his legacy. Real-life Dutchman and modern-day adventurer Henk de Velde who has already circumnavigated the globe solo in his sailboat five times. 


movies/de/Der_Fliegende_Hollae ... nder_Holländer_Titelbild)

 Henk de Velde and his boat in Tiksi, Siberia


In a modern approach to this extraordinary historical material this opera documentary weaves together de Velde's adventures on the icy seas and Christine Mielitz's production of «The Flying Dutchman» at the Vienna State Opera.

In Wagner´s opera, providence condemned the Dutchman to roam the seas until he found the true meaning of love. Once every seven years he is allowed ashore for six months to search for a woman who will love him enough to die for him, releasing him from his curse, and he finds her in Pandora.


movies/de/Der_Fliegende_Hollae ... Holländer_Henk_und_Genia) 

Seafarer Henk de Velde falls in love with Genia, a shopgirl from Siberia 


"The Flying Dutchman" is generally considered to be Richard Wagner's most accessible work and has had an enduring resonance even beyond the circle of die-hard Wagner fans for over 150 years. The spooky legend of the seafarer who is damned to travel the oceans of the world eternally, and a range of musical highlights such as the «Sailor's Song», have ensured that the work has enjoyed lasting, unbroken popularity.

Opera by Richard Wagner
Libretto by Richard Wagner
Orchestra: Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
Conducted by Seiji Ozawa
Choir: Vienna State Opera Choir
Cast: Falk Struckmann, Matti Salminen, Nina Stemme, Torsten Kerl, Margareta Hintermeier, John Dickie
Directed by Christina Mielitz


"The Flying Dutchman - fire and Ice" is a film about the "flying Dutchman of today" and the spectacular new production at the Vienna State Opera in December 2003 with the most beautiful and important experts from "The Flying Dutchman" sung ban all-star cast (Falk Struckmann as the Dutchman, conductor: Seiji Ozawa), with backstage shots of sessions at rehearsals with Director Christine Mielitz. 


movies/de/Der_Fliegende_Hollae ... länder_Christine_Mielitz)

Christine Mielitz during rehearsals at the Vienna State Opera


Details of the DVD:

Year: 2004
Run-Time: 1 x 51 min.
Directed by Werner Boote
A co-production of ORF and Neue Sentimental Film
Languages: German (ORIGINAL) , English (DUBBED)
Format: 16:9 

Shooting locations: Wiener StaatsoperTiksi 


 movies/de/Der_Fliegende_Hollae ... er_Holländer_WB_im_Sturm)

Cameramann Dominik Spritzendorfer shot Werner Boote in heavy storm



ORIGINALTITLE: Der fliegende Holländer - Feuer und Eis 

GENRE: Documentary 

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Neue Sentimental Film EntertainmentGmbH (Austria) 


PRODUCER: Florian Brandt 


TVDIRECTOR: Werner Boote 

CAMERA: Thomas Kirschner 

EDITOR: Thomas Pohanka 

AUTHOR: Werner Boote 




DVD DISTRIBUTION: Neue Sentimental Film EntertainmentGmbH (Austria) 


COMPOSER: Richard Wagner 

ORCHESTRA: Vienna State Opera Orchestra (Austria) 

CONDUCTOR: Seiji Ozawa 

CHOIR: Vienna State Opera Orchestra (Austria) 

STAGE DIRECTOR: Christine Mielitz 

COSTUMES: Reinhilde Condin

SOLOIST: Falk Struckmann 




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