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   If you want to book Werner Boote: 


• festivals

   `The Green Lie´ - contact: Mrs. Saejeong Kwak (Wide House, world sales agency)

   Requests for permission to screen other movies, contact the world sales companies. Find your right contact: LINKS

   Requests for screeners need to be directed to the world sales companies or the production companies: LINKS

   To invite Werner Boote to your festival:


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   Requests for press material: world sales company or the local film distributor

   Photos of Werner Boote: press downloads or photo gallery

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• screening a film 

   If you want to organize a screening, you must obtain an official permit from the world sales company of the film.

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   Check out: SHOP

   If you cannot find a DVD or download please contact the world sales company or the production company of the film.

   You will find the right contact here: LINKS


• questions about films

   • direct any question about `Plastic Planet´ to: World Sales Company - docandfilm 

   • direct any question about `Population Boom´ to: production company NGF

   • direct any question about `Everything´s Under Control´ to: production company NGF

   • direct any question about `The Green Lie´ to: production company e&a film


• business

   If you want to work for the next Werner Boote movie please wait until the next movie is financed.

   To hire Werner Boote for your project and for other requests within the film branche:


• questions, suggestions and personal acknowledgements to Werner Boote

   You may find a lot of information on this website.

   The filmmaker will answer your letters as soon as possible:

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